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We are the Registry Operator for .Best domain names. Our mission is to develop the .Best Top-Level Domain as the Best domain name opportunity for Brands, Businesses, Trademark owners and Social Media users. We strongly believe that .Best is an important new marketing channel and digital asset for innovative businesses and organisations worldwide, providing them with a new way to communicate their positioning, brands, products and services.

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.Best domains can help you drive more organic or paid traffic and customers for your business by increasing your website Click Through Rate (CTR) and improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Indeed, CTR and SEO rankings are clearly codependent variables : Click-Through Rate is important for SEO because you want people to click-through to your site when they see any impression of your domain name : ad, search engine, email, ... Websites that have a higher than expected CTR have been known to have a better ranking. Don't forget also that even if you are ranked first in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and few people click through, then you will get low traffic. "Real Visitors" and at least lead/customer conversion is what count (not "only" impressions), so in the most basic sense, Click-Through-Rate optimization is a key part of SEO.

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.Best domains improve your brand awareness and help you gain a reputation advantage against your competitors by communicating and promoting all your best products and services using a new dedicated .Best channel. .Best domains instantly show your customers that you get the best products and services.

6. Avoid Brand and Trademark cybersquatting.

Brand owners can register their brand name and trademarks in .Best to protect their business and avoid cybersquatting, phishing, or counterfeit sales.

Brand owners can also add their brands and trademarks related terms into the "Best Protection service" and have them banned and blocked from registration at the second level in all .Best accredited Registrars and from .Best registrations.

.Best Protection protects trademarks holders against cybersquatting with unlimited name blocking at the registry level by literally protecting billions of possible trademarked domain permutations.

Ex: Submit your "brand" term and block all possible new regsitrations: "branddiscount.best", "cheapbrand.best", "yourbrandisnot.best", ...

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.Best @ TV Finance ITW

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Namescon - Vegas

.Best @Namescon - Part 1

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.Best @Namescon - Part 2

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